GTS Grinding

Storage - Extraction

An efficient storage, extraction and dosing system allows the best management of a delicate step of the micronization process by:


  • Fluent feeding and correct distribution of the product which allows to avoid stopping the production further on and an uneven and/or bad feeding.
  • The possibility to control and verify the quantity of the processed material therefore allowing the visualization and the recovery of actual results of the quantity and consequently to avoid possible overdosing or underdosing.

According to necessity, the most utilised solutions for storage of the material are a monolithic silo or a bulk bag unloader.

The Monolithic Silo, made in electrically welded carpentry, is equipped with silo venting filter and fluidization system or vibrating cone.


Silo Standard accessories

  • Silo venting filter, equipped with a ring for fixing to the top, fast starting electro-air valves, junction box for the adjustment of the bags cleaning cycle, with inspection door for the frontal replacement of bags,
  • Safety valve for over and under pressure,
  • Pinch valve equipped with electric switchboard on the silo loading pipe,
  • Vibrating level switch,
  • Emergency acoustic system connected to the maximum level.


G.T.S. can integrate specific solutions such as inertization systems of the stored material and several accessories such as weighing systems, fluidization system, various types of material control devices, etc.



The Bulk Bag Loader/Unloader stations are the simplest and “cleanest” solution for the feeding when the material is conveyed in big bags.

The structure is made of painted carbon structural steel and it has a hopper with an hermetically sealed inspection hatch for the bag opening operations

The supporting telescopic structure is adjustable according to the height of the bags used.

The unit is installed on a plate and structural steel platform which can be fixed to the ground by special anchors.


Accessories for Bulk Bag Unloader

• Vibration motor installed on the hopper wall, on and off activated according to the signal of the vibration probe installed on the unloading pipe,

• A  square slide valve with manual control is installed on the mouth of the unloading pipe

A slide valve, equipped with manual wheel control is designed to be installed on the unloading flange of the storage system. Under the valve, a rotary valve or an extracting screw can be installed and a vibration sensor can be fixed on them to detect the presence of the product and in this case activate the vibrating cone timer.


The material to be processed is taken by an extracting screw or by a rotary valve which feeds the dosing/distributing system.

The screw or the rotary valve are activated by the level signals coming from the dosing/distributing system.