GTS Grinding

Control System

Most performances of mills are assured by the system managing them.

The supply of the managing and control system by G.T.S. guarantees the possibility to optimize performances otherwise not always guaranteed, due to the thorough knowledge of the process.


All starting, regulating and switching off, manual and automatic operations can be carried out from an electric switchboard and controlled on the operating panel, with the only exception of the airflow regulation.

The operating state is entrusted to a process regulator and all parameters are shown on the electric switchboard.

The operating parameters to obtain the desired fineness are set and shown on the control panel.


The adoption of an extremely functional process regulator and electric switchboard allow performances perfectly suitable to present needs of flexibility of use and reproducibility of results. 

According to the complexity of the equipment and the global process in which it is inserted, the electric switchboard is equipped with a programmable PLC, display or operating panel for the visualization of operating functions and alarms.

In case of supervision system, it is possible to establish a connection to the PLC through one of the many communication protocols.

A programmable PLC assures operation self-diagnosis and the warning of any anomaly.

The use of a touchscreen operating panel allows the control and simplified command besides a clear overall vision of the equipment operating status. 


Electric switchboard and machines can be equipped with pre-cabling with junction-box in order to facilitate the installation works on site.