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Design and Construction

Design and Development

Research and development are the basis of G.T.S. activity.

The design technical office works together with the grinding test department equipped with suitable machinery used by internal qualified and expert personnel.


Our technicians are competent in designing both standard and “tailor-made” equipment, both new applications and “revamping” projects, and the designing of all the supporting supply which each grinding equipment may need (storage, feeding, dosage, process management, etc).


The research and development of ever-more efficient solutions, the updating and the improvements to their machines have punctually allowed G.T.S. to forecast the market requests and often with innovative technical solutions such as our MG•P under-pressure classifier mill, for which G.T.S. obtained a utility patent, or MG 100 mill, the new born in G.T.S., characterised by exceptional production performances together with relatively low consumption.


G.T.S. chose a number of local companies according to its own specifications, and they now  support G.T.S. in the manufacturing of components for its machines. These companies are highly qualified and reliable: they have been selected by G.T.S. and by many leading companies in the mechanical, aviation, electronic and instrumental sectors.


The monitoring activity is internally carried out by G.T.S. personnel which guarantees  control criteria and quality standards both in the manufacturing of components and in the assembling of machines and equipment.

Installation and Commissioning

G.T.S. machines are built in a few weeks, they need a few days for the installation and their  commissioning doesn’t take more than a few work shifts. Moreover, no drainage, gully and waste water treatment are required.


On request, G.T.S. provides staff specialised in technical services to mechanical assembling, electrical cabling, commissioning and “put into gear” of machines and equipments.

Customers may just ask for supervision of the above mentioned activities if they wish to use their own internal staff.