GTS Grinding

Activated Carbon

In some industrial and burning systems furans and dioxines can be produced under certain thermal conditions. Moreover, volatile metals may also be present in some treatments and they can be found in fumes and must all be reduced within the imposed limits of emission imposed due to their toxicity.

The activated carbon and the lignite coke assure the reduction requested by the emission limits when they are injected in the fume flux at temperature lower than 200 °C.


The equipment necessary for the injection of carbons only includes a storage, dosage and injection system of the adsorbent reagent.

According to requirements, the storage of the product can be carried out by bulk bag unloaders, silo or lung hoppers.

When requested, G.T.S. plants are equipped with a microdosing system for activated carbons.


The dosage is carried out by a screw activated by a frequency converter, the power is adjustable by potentiometer or a PID system according to a 4-20 mA signal coming from the analyzer. All these functions are managed by the electric switchboard.

According to the possibilities and the needs the reagent can be introduced into the fumes by exploiting a system of pneumatic conveying and connecting pipe or by using the conveying fan of the grinding system.