GTS Grinding

About us

Founded in June 1994, G.T.S. was established after the request for grinding machines and plants by Italian companies operating abroad.

Since the beginning it has autonomously been present on the International market, first in the EU area and later on in North and South American, Asian and South African markets.


The experience acquired in the grinding of minerals in three generations of specific industrial activity is the technological background of the Partners resulting in the production of new machines and turnkey equipments for the micronization and classification of mineral fillers, pigments and various materials from the most  varied sectors.

The excellent technological level, the reliability and expertise, the specific flexibility to the customer’s requirements immediately made of G.T.S. an important reference point for the Companies operating in these sectors by guaranteeing effective solutions and fast realization; these characteristics have become its distinctive features.


The direct knowledge of technical and managerial problems, the wide experience acquired in the most varied sectors and the meticulous training of the personnel involved in the designing have made of G.T.S. the valid support for the engineering of many Companies and Groups dealing with the definition and relative processes of installations.

The Logo

G.T.S. Logo is made of geometrical elements characterised by their tidy set and bold red and black colours. It is the graphic translation of the result of the action carried out by the machines designed and manufactured by G.T.S.: effective micronization and accurate microselection.

The red elements, apparently simply put one next to the other, follow a logical and sequential placement on a  clearly  geometrical black background.

This way the logo also expresses the designing and manufacturing philosophy of G.T.S.: design based on thoroughly experimented technological know-how and accurately ordered production.

The actual results are classifier mills, micronizers and microclassifiers clearly simplified but highly evolved which assure efficiency and efficacy of their operations.



The fundamental objective G.T.S. has always pursued is the customer’s complete satisfaction and it has been awarded a certified Quality Managing System according to norm ISO 9001:2008.

This is the coherent  answer to the market needs requiring the achievement and the maintenance of quality standards which can assure a continuous improvement of the processes and the best use of resources.


This precise will is based on:


• the establishment of a lasting collaboration with the Customer by becoming the “partner” more than just the supplier, with the guarantee of reliability and correctness of its doings;

• the supply of grinding plants and the supply of services (before and after sale) which comply to National and International Norms and which adhere to the Customer’s technical specifications and requirements as regards performance, quality, reliability and safety;

• the prevention of defects and the understanding of organizational critical points for an ongoing improvement of the supply of  machines and services;

• the creation of an environment suitable for the right implementation of the activities  by making G.T.S. personnel responsible and sensitive to matters regarding Quality.


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